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If you’re feeling tired, stressed, and worn out? You’re not alone.

Whilst modern technology has done wonders for our levels of convenience and communication and the world has indeed gotten smaller, the same cannot be said for technology improving our overall health.

Being glued to our smart devices, computers and working longer hours can take its toll on our physical and mental health.

As many of us spend long days slouched in front of a computer, our body’s muscular system, fascia and internal connective tissues can become rigid, feel tight and almost ‘fixed’ in a position that limits our range of movement and flexibility. This can lead to tightness, muscular soreness, discomfort, fatigue and in extreme cases, ongoing pain the lead to compensations and inevitably biomechanical dysfunction. If we leave these dysfunctions untreated, these ailments can compound and make certain movements uncomfortable, restrictive or even painful over time. Poor lifestyle choices lead to dependencies on medication, alcohol and other vices to ‘cope’ with our lifestyles.visit myotherapist

We treat individuals of all ages and all walks of life. Since everyone’s needs are different and specific to their lifestyle, we look at what’s causing the dysfunction and discomfort and address any pain directly, providing strategies that are useful to the treatment of their unique problems.

Combined with good sleeping habits, a healthy diet and regular exercise, and ‘taking care’ of your body on a physical level is critical to an overall sense of well-being. Myotherapy, remedial massage, sports massage support good lifestyle choices and keep you performing at your best physically and mentally.

The techniques we use ‘reset’ your body’s natural equilibrium. Myotherapy, remedial massage and deep tissue massage and are all proven techniques designed to treat these lifestyle problems that invariably creep into to our bodies on a daily basis.

We also offer mindset coaching and emotional release therapy to benefit your overall health and wellbeing. Recalibrating you mindset through transformational techniques are fantastic ways to help improve overall health if they are administered properly and with a considered outcome in mind.

Our initial consultation allows us to determine what daily habits are contributing to your levels of discomfort and develop treatments to address the complaints, strengthen any weaknesses and restore range of movement.

Each treatment is individually tailored to the unique person’s needs and desired outcome.

  • myotherapy addresses the cause behind soft tissue related dysfunction and treats injury,
  • remedial massage and deep tissue massage maintains and restores body function and range of movement,
  • sports massage is designed to specifically enhance performance pre and post event,
  • pregnancy massage to relief discomfort during and after child birth,
  • mindset coaching can guide you with new perspectives to overcome limiting beliefs and emotional blockages.

Our results are based on understanding what your desired outcome is and tailoring a treatment plan to align with those outcomes.

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Our Toorak clinic services clients from nearby suburbs of Armadale, Malvern, South Yarra, Richmond and Prahran, however clients travel from near and far to achieve results and their desired outcomes.

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