Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage Toorak and South Yarra

Pregnancy Massage Toorak & Post Natal Massage is beneficial and safe for mother and baby.

Specialised massage equipment allows pregnant women to comfortably lie on their belly/front enabling the therapist to effectively massage sore necks, shoulders and backs.


Pregnant mothers get to enjoy the experience lying face down and taking the load and pressure off their pelvis and lower back.

Our treatment rooms are warm and peaceful, with relaxing music and gentle lighting. It is the ideal setting to allow you to relax and unwind whilst relieving those aches and pains….and if it’s good for you then its good for baby too!

What Are The Benefits Of Pregnancy Massage?

During a pregnancy massage, our qualified and experienced massage therapists alleviate muscle tension and aches helping relieve swelling and help promote a general physical and mental state of wellbeing for the expectant mother.

Some other benefits of pregnancy massage are:

  • Encourages and improved posture, minimising postural discomfort once baby arrives.
  • Provide relief for weight bearing joints such as lower back, hips, knees and ankles
  • Stabilise hormonal levels, helping to minimise mood swings, lowering anxiety, improving sleep and energy levels
  • Decreases stress hormone levels and Increases ‘feel good’ hormone levels.
  • Alleviate tension in the body which can lead to tension headaches, stiff joints, back pain, sciatica symptoms, swollen and/or sore feet

Extensive studies show beneficial results to the maternal health and postnatal outcomes  for healthy women entering pregnancy.

pregnancy massage

Booking your pregnancy massage Toorak Village

It’s never been easier to give your body the care it needs.

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