Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage

Remedial Massage Toorak

A Remedial massage treatment is used to release restrictions in your muscles and assist in the removal of toxins from within those muscles. It is extremely useful for those who suffer from tension headaches or poor posture from sitting in the same position all day e.g. desk-based jobs.

This treatment may incorporate techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, myofascial release and traditional Chinese cupping. These therapies will deactivate these trigger points, fascia and release the muscles. These techniques are very effective on chronic injuries and soft tissue pain.

remedial massage

Remedial Massage is a form of deep tissue massage that focuses on regaining normal muscle structure, soft tissue flexibility and helps prevent injury. Remedial massage can provide immediate relief from pain and muscle tension, and is a manual technique to promote longer-term joint mobility and muscle wellbeing.

On completion you will leave feeling re-balanced and restored, and best of all your aches and pains will be a distant memory.

What is Remedial Massage ?

Remedial massage involves the assessment and treatment of muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissues. It assists with pain management and restrictions to re-balance your body’s muscular system and allow a reduction in pain from any soft tissue problems.

Through manual techniques, our therapist, massages the body to promote healing and pain release. Oil is used and applied directly to the skin during the process.

This massage is designed to balance muscle, soft tissue and tension, which promotes improved flexibility and mobility and gives you the maximum chance to remain pain-free when it comes to muscular stiffness and tension.

Our approach to remedial massage.

At Eclipse Therapies Toorak, a remedial massage is used in conjunction to a myotherapy program as a way of injury prevention and can assist in alleviating day-to-day tension within your muscular system.

Remedial massage is an effective therapy for proactive pain-management, and works well when combined with other treatment modalities. When employed as part of holistic treatment, it can contribute to:

  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system and increased circulation.
  • Enhanced rehabilitation response in soft tissue injuries.
  • Reduced muscle tension.
  • Stress and pain relief.
  • Greater mobility and flexibility.


After assessment and consultation, our remedial massage therapists can determine whether you would benefit from targeted sessions or myotherapy to better assist with your personally tailored treatment plan.

What should I expect during my consultation?

During your first session, our therapists evaluate the areas of pain tension or injury. Before your treatment, we may use postural analysis, biomechanics, soft tissue techniques and body alignment to locate areas of pain. Once your problem areas are understood, our elite therapist can determine the best form of therapy to meet your needs.

Remedial massage should not be a painful, and while the techniques used to relieve stress may cause initial discomfort, the pressure should be bearable. It is important that muscles are not contracted or uncomfortable during stimulation, as it can mask areas of pain and tension.


During your treatments, our therapists use manual technique to realign your body. Through a process of assessment, touch and reassess, massage stimulates healing processes and helps return your body to optimum health.

Our remedial massage therapists take care to gauge your level of comfort and pressure during treatment, to ensure that you experience the benefits.

Common conditions treated

Remedial deep tissue massage is an effective treatment for a range of symptoms and trigger points. It is also effective in treating and addressing a wide range of acute and chronic conditions that cause pain, including:

  • Soft tissue injury,
  • Tendonitis and bursitis,
  • Muscle tension or soreness from exercise
  • Postural or movement imbalances.
  • Sciatica (nerve pressure in the lower back).

At Eclipse Therapies, our expert remedial massage therapists work with your presentation conditions to ensure you able to enhance your performance and focus on your sporting goals while ensuring all relevant areas are targeted.

Why massage works

Remedial deep tissue massage increases blood flow to injured soft tissues and assists with scar tissue breakdown. This increases soft tissue flexibility and thus improved joint mobility. Soft tissue tension affects the normal position of the joints and nerve tissue.