Remedial Massage & Deep Tissue

Remedial, deep tissue massage is used to release restrictions in your muscles and assist in the removal of toxins from your body. Ideal for those who suffer from problems such tension headaches or spend a number of hours sitting in one position every day e.g. desk based jobs.

A Remedial massage will include an assessment to highlight the specific problems and deep tissue techniques to rebalance your body’s muscular system, and allow a reduction in pain from any soft tissue problems combined with a sense of relaxation.

This massage may incorporate techniques such as Trigger Point Therapy, myofascial release and traditional Chinese cupping. These therapies will de-activate these trigger points, and fascia and releasing the muscle. The intense pressure felt will be followed by a reduction in tension and pain. This technique is very effective on chronic injuries and soft tissue pain.

At the end of your Deep Tissue/Remedial massage you will leave feeling rebalanced and restored, and best of all your aches and pains will be a distant memory.

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