Self Directed Healing Natural Therapy

Self Directed Healing (SDH) Natural Therapy

Are  you feeling anxious or overwhelmed?

Are you feeling triggered by people and situations you can’t control?

Are you feeling uncertainty or constant confusion?

Are you feeling trapped?

Are you feeling sad or alone?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, you may have emotional blockages in your body
causing you unnecessary pain.

Do you want to see if Self Directed Healing can assist you to:

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Meet Tahli

Founder of UNDOING YOU, Tahli Hilton is an accredited SDH Natural Therapy Practitioner, Consultant & Speaker. Tahli brings together her training in Holistic Emotional Therapy with core studies in Health Science and experience as a Mental Health consultant & facilitator, to support individuals wanting to live their authentic self and undo everything that no longer serve them.

What is SDH?

SDH (Self Directed Healing) is a form of Somatic Natural Therapy. Rather than focusing on what you mentally recall from a situation, the SDH technique looks at what happened inside the body during this time. Thoughts, feelings and emotions can often become trapped in the physical body, simply because our nervous system doesn’t have the capability in a state of fight/flight to process them, so they are pushed aside and suppressed within the body. This suppressed emotion can not only create limiting beliefs & reactive behavioural patterns, but because your brain recalls the attachment to fear, it continues to push down this emotional energy, which can lead to pain in the physical body.

What Happens in a SDH Session?

The 90 min session is conducted in a relaxed environment beginning with a light meditation and breathing exercise. We then combine metaphysical anatomy, emotional and cognitive testing and use breathwork and visualisation to activate a natural emotional release. This release of emotional blocks in the body makes rapid and sustainable change by rewiring the neural pathways to replace triggers and behavioural patterns with greater self awareness, compassion, self love and empowerment to live your best life.

Are you ready to UNDO everything that  no longer serves YOU?

If you are a new patient to Eclipse Therapies and you wish to book 1 on 1 session with Tahli please email or SMS her for availability or to arrange a phone consultation.

mob: +61 432 990 777