Love doing


We absolutely love what we do… we are a few of the lucky people that can say that.

I wake ever  morning with gratitude knowing I have a diary full of eager people wanting our services.  The difference I had been able to make in peoples live is phenomenal.  There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing I can guide others to making changes and get amazing results.

I have inspired and influenced so many people in the 15 years that I have been a health leader.  It is an absolute gift to be able to relieve someone’s pain be it physical or emotional and improve the quality of their life.  There is enormous power in what can be achieved through Remedial Massage, Myotherapy and transformational coaching ‘connection and touch’ goes along way.

Our bodies can be like our Christmas lights or a rope that has become entangled.  With patience and persistence you can begin to unravel the mess.   Working with the body to relieve restrictions and dysfunction is an art of unravelling. We have a clear outcome and we make a plan to achieve the desire results.  I surprise myself sometime as to how effective just the smallest release around an area of restriction can effect and change the whole body.

I see the body as whole, it’s all interconnected and when treated well and taken care of it works in perfect symphony.  Once you ignore the little niggle the body does it best to compensate and keep you going.  These compensation’s work for a while and over time they become worn out and over used creating other compensation.

The primary cause of someone’s pain is never the area that presents as pain.  The body has done such an amazing job at keeping you moving and doing what you love and finally one small thing is enough to back to camel’s back so to speak.

We work with a very diverse range of people.  Everyone is completely unique.  There is not one formula to treat any one person. Through 15 years of clinical experience I have noticed patterns and codes of compensation and are able to get to the cause more effectively.

It is true, as my skills have developed over the years at ECLIPSE THERAPIES. I have continued to train and develop as a therapist. I have become more clinical, more focused on achieving great results and outcomes for my clients and mastery in my field.

Sometimes during my work day I realise why it is that I choose to work in this industry.

 I have ‘Wow’AH ha moments and are filled with gratitude daily that my client trust me.

Many clients I have treated over years, through cancer treatment, surgeries, prominent birthdays, deaths, new births, moving house, changing careers and all through these times they have received treatments.  It’s really great to help people look after their health and wellbeing in good times and bad.

I have some amazing inspirational clients who have supported us with their knowledge, expertise in business and other areas of their passion. I have been inspired by many on my journey and in turn have been able to share my knowledge and expertise with others, empowering and enriching so many life’s along the way. It is truly wonderful to provide my professional services to them to assist them to achieve the life they want to live – one of no pain and more living – more doing what they love to do.  Pain can really hold so people back and become their primary focus. What we focus on is what we get to the exclusion of everything else.

Many of my clients report feeling lighter and more energetic after their treatment sessions.  I love seeing people coming back after a treatments smiling, feeling mobile, seeing possibilities, looking brighter and more vital.  It’s such a great feeling to be part of someone’s recovery and knowing you have made a difference in their life.